Official Bio
Kate Watters is a farmer, entrepreneur, writer, community organizer, artist and musician.  She has been a botanist, restoration ecologist and non-profit volunteer manager, and now works as a sustainable agriculture consultant helping clients build their farm business visions. She is the co-founder of the Verde Native Seed Cooperative, which supports farmers to successfully grow and market native crops. Kate owns Agave Maria Botanicals, creating plant inspired art, herbal medicines and flower essences. She is a co-author of River and Desert Plants of the Grand Canyon.
A little more dirt…
Okay, if you really want to know–I am freakishly excited about pretty much everything relating to plants and am currently on a mission to figure out how to grow a wide variety of them. I am fascinated by plant medicine and place myself on the front lines of the native plant revolution.

I have a thing for old barns, old tractors, old trees and vintage fabric, probably because I grew up in an old stone house in Vermont. I come from a long line of sisters and makers and bakers of homemade pie. I have a problem with collecting things (aka hoarding), which has evolved into a wreath and/or collage habit, where any surface in my vicinity requires some kind of embellishment and a hit with a glue gun or layer of Modge Podge. I love stories, both short and long, read aloud in front of the fire or on road trips. I also like sharing my own, mainly as a way to understand the world. I never go anywhere without good snacks and hand pruners. Someday I will raise a pig and figure out a way to not flush drinking water down the toilet.

When things go wrong, I always turn to poetry. I believe dogs are higher beings put on this planet to help us love more deeply. Walking in the woods, hands in the dirt and singing are my main forms of prayer. More than anything I love feeding the people I love good food that has a great story behind it.